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    Mechanical face seal/floating seal/duo cone seal consists of two metal seal rings are installed in two separate housing which face to face on a lapped seal face.
    Detailed Description:
    Mechanical face seal/floating seal is specifically utilized in extreme hard condition such as dust,sand,mud,rock,chemicals.It can protect the equipment to work in the adverse conditions.
    This type is different from the shape of standard floating seal,it uses the trapezoid elastomeric ring,and it is limited in the axial direction when it is applied on machinery.
    To choose different elastomeric ring materials are available for any sealing problems:
    Nitrile(NBR) is suitable for the temperature from -20℃ to 100℃.it is compatible with many mineral lubricant oils,NBR can offer the maximum abrasive resistance and corrosive substances,and the pressure can be reached 400 Kpa.
    HNBR is suitable for the temperature from -40℃ to 135℃,the abrasive resistance is better than NBR,it is used specifically for low temperature application.
    FKM is suitable for the temperature from -7℃ to 160℃,it is used for extremely high temperate application.
    VMQ is suitable for the temperature from -55℃ to 150℃,it is used for the low temperature application,but the abrasive resistance is inferior than NBR.wholesale Metal Face Seal