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    From the current status of urban sanitation, it is a good way to effectively increase the amount of compressed garbage transfer stations in urban areas to effectively improve urban waste disposal and promote environmentally sustainable development. By constructing a garbage compression transfer station, the efficiency of urban garbage mobile phones and transshipments will be significantly improved, the number of vehicles and personnel will be reduced, and the operating costs will be greatly reduced.
    Our company is an environmental sanitation total solution supplier, our brand name is “FULONGMA”. We provide garbage transfer stations.
    1.Operating system: advanced PLC programming control system, automatic operation function. Low labor intensity, high work efficiency and strong environmental adaptability.
    2.Super compression, sewage discharge thorough, no secondary pollution.Handle difficult & oversized waste.
    3.Compact structure, small area and high utilization rate.Improve control over illegal dumping.Economically feasible and easy to establish.
    4.Full hydraulic operation, low noise, large daily throughput, effective improvement of working environment.Reduce hauling and labor costs by over 50%.Garbage Compression Station in stock